Environmental & Safety Concerns

For years, the Ragsdale family has been instrumental in the local environmental preservation and conservation movements. We believe firmly that one’s business practices should reflect one’s personal values. So, here at Ragsdale, Inc., we pride ourselves on our environmental consciousness.

By avoiding the use of oil-based paints and stains, not only do we create a healthier environment for our employees and our customers, we also reduce our demand on the non-renewable resource petroleum. Here’s how we do it:


In the early 2000’s, we began a business relationship with a company following EPA and LEED standards that produces state of the art water-based paints and stains. We use these products nearly exclusively in our effort to tread lightly on this planet. Please feel free to stop by our showroom and browse our wide variety of samples.


We are constantly researching and experimenting with new products in our effort to find paint solutions that are best for our clients, our staff and for the earth. We primarily employ the use of Benjamin Moore products as they remain at the forefront of product technology.

Unless the use of an oil-based product is absolutely necessary to execute the job, we utilize an arsenal of entirely zero or low VOC paint products. Please feel free to stop by our showroom to explore product options and samples.


We believe that in this world of perpetual technological advancements, it is our responsibility to educate our staff and our clients on new products and techniques developed with the safety of the planet and it’s inhabitants in mind.


Ragsdale, Inc. is registered with the EPA and follows an EPA licensed waste disposal program. We use HEPA vacuums on all jobs, and are equipped with two ozone-generating air purification systems, allowing us to work with maximum regard for the health and safety of our planet, our employees, and our customers. In addition, we recycle jobsite waste as much as possible.


In our day-to-day dealings in the office, we’ve made a commitment to create as little environmental impact as possible. We are working daily to reduce our paper usage, and have converted to as close to an entirely electronic system as is possible. If you’re an established client, you may notice some changes the next time we send you a proposal – unless specifically requested, it will come in a PDF format through email rather than on paper and through the postal system or by fax.

In addition, every supply purchase is made with consideration toward content, production methods, and distance (i.e. how far it must travel to reach us). We run a thorough recycling program in our office and, whenever possible, we use paper made from sustainably grown American forests (actually a far more environmentally-friendly approach than recycled content paper) and vegetable based inks for all of our printing needs. Furthermore, our expertise in color matching allows us to tint the majority of our paints and stains in house, eliminating the need for additional product transportation.

Furthermore, as of January 2013 we have converted to 100% wind powered electrical supply in our office/shop.


Maintaining a commitment to safe workplace practices is engrained in our philosophy at Ragsdale, Inc. We have an in-depth and on-going safety program, always minding to keep both our employees and customers educated and aware of safety hazards and issues pertaining to our line of work.

Ragsdale, Inc. is certified to conduct renovation, repair and painting work on target housing and child-occupied facilities built prior to 1978, in compliance with a new EPA rule effective as of April, 2010. This rule calls for the establishment of a whole new set of work practices, so you may notice some differences in our methods the next time we pay you a visit. To learn more about this rule, please visit the EPA’s website.

Handling Lead Exposure & Safety

To download a brochure explaining the hazards of lead exposure, please open the following link: Renovate Right.

We always do our best to stay on top of the rapidly changing safety rules and requirements of our industry. Whenever hazardous conditions exist, we create a tailored safety plan for that specific job. However, should you ever have any questions or concerns about the health and safety of our craftsmen or the inhabitants of your home or space where we are working, please do not hesitate to call. Your peace of mind is our number one priority!