Ragsdale, Inc Mural Garage DoorSteve Ragsdale, founder of Ragsdale Inc., contracted his first paying paint job in 1969, while still a student at Lake Forest High School.  Throughout high school and college Steve continued to develop both his painting skills and his entrepreneurial skills contracting painting projects in and around Lake Forest.  After college Steve took a job with a well established North Shore painting firm which specialized in serving the large estates along the shore.  This experience paved the way for Steve to establish his own high end firm in 1977.

As Steve’s business grew, he realized that in order to provide his clients with the high quality, timely service he believed in, he would have to attract, employ and retain highly skilled artisans and craftsmen. As it turned out, this proved to be one of Steve’s best talents.

Our valued employees, guided by Steve’s creativity; commitment to honesty and dedication to excellence, are the backbone of the success that Ragsdale, Inc. has enjoyed for generations.

2015 marked the year that Steve’s youngest daughter, Grace, took ownership of the business. With a fresh perspective and great enthusiasm, she is moving the entire operation forward with the same values, ethics, and passion with which Steve founded the company.