To draw and act upon our skills, creativity and integrity, to the benefit of our selves, customers, employees and planet, and to promote the preservation of craftsmanship within our trade.

paint brushes

At Ragsdale, Inc. our mission extends far beyond a commitment to excellence in the area of painting, decorating and finishing.  Our purpose is to utilize our skills and creativity to thrill our clients, while maintaining a safe and professional environment for our employees to work and provide for their families.  We are committed to making the world a better place by employing practices and procedures in the execution of our work that account for the well being of our customers, employees and the planet.

Painters who are true craftsmen are harder and harder to find these days. This is why we have also made a commitment to creating an environment in which promising youth can cultivate the “old-school” skills. In addition to our apprenticeship program, we conduct company wide training on a regular basis for all of our employees. Not only does this provide an opportunity for our apprentices to learn new skills from our more seasoned painters, it gives everyone the chance to continue their education in areas such as color mixing and matching, product knowledge and specialty finishes. Further, this is a formalized venue through which our employees help each other to become more efficient and productive by sharing the methods they have each developed through their experiences on the job.