Color Pulse 2012

Color Pulse 2012

Today I watched the webinar on Color Pulse 2012 and I wanted to share some of the trends for the coming year.

Overall, things are moving in a direction of handcrafted influence. The retro/vintage/whimsical look is dominating design, with an emphasis on up-cycling items for infinite human use. Scraps, like scarves, t-shirts, ties, wool blankets, and reclaimed or scrap lumber are being repurposed to create artwork and furniture. 

The experience of fun is rearing its head in the design world. There is a movement toward playfulness, an intent of designing to create conversation, inspiration, innovation. Color is being used like a bright box of crayons, patterns are geometric in nature, and textures are finding a very natural influence.

In addition to these themes, there is a movement toward bringing the outdoors in. Vertical gardens are gaining much popularity, and many designers are finding creative ways to bring the natural environment into the built environment.

Color trends are as follows:

Reds will have a deep, sophisticated tone. They will also be seen with a blue or orange cast.

Pinks are either soft or electric, with hints of fuscia and purple.

Oranges are diverging and either heading in a vibrant direction or toward a more muted brown.

Yellow is showing dominance in color trends. Yellow is being used as a combination color, showing up in pattern and use with purples or greens.

Green is going bold. Kelly green and chartreuse or apple green will be prevalent.

In the blue department we see another strong divergence. In one direction, muted, powdery periwinkles, in the other direction, teals and aquas inspired by the islands. Navy is still showing prominence as well.

Purples are showing up in a variety of ways. Muted, grey, even mauve purples are being used, particularly in layers of shading. Bold purples with red or blue influences are also seen. In addition, berry toned purples are making an appearance.

Neutrals are being seen in a very utilitarian way. Neutrals with natural textures, unfinished and reclaimed wood, and off-whites dominate.

In general with color, an emphasis is being made on the way light manipulates color. 

Benjamin Moore recently launched a new full-spectrum color palette called “Color Stories”. These colors are made to work with light, providing a beautiful ambiance through color. Check out their website for more details. If you see something inspiring, give us a call. We’d love to work up a sample and show you the difference that comes with this new technology. Color Stories colors are available in the Aura product line only.

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