Finishing Color Trends

Finishing Color Trends

I am particularly pleased to report that people are taking more colorful risks with painted finishes these days. Over the past year, we’ve completed several projects utilizing unconventional color schemes: powder blue, periwinkle, turquoise, matte black with silver leafing, even electric green, high-gloss magenta and neon orange!

I’ve always urged our clients to take the risk with color. You should love where you live, allow yourself to be psychologically altered by your choices – choose the most soothing color for you in your bedroom, the most inspiring color for your office, the color that makes you happiest in your bedroom. Color can be utilized in highly unexpected ways as well – do a stark white room and add high-gloss moss green trim, paint your powder room ceiling metallic purple, do your kitchen cabinets in a vibrant lemon hue!

It’s important to consider the psychology of color when making intense color choices, but despite general human tendencies towards specific colors, we are all affected differently due to our personal experiences. Be sure to sit with a sample for a few days, but don’t let yourself ruminate for too long or you’ll doubt your initial spontaneous choice, which usually ends up being what you really want anyway!

In my own line of restyled vintage furniture, I take colorful risks with every piece. Each item screams with personality, just like me! Don’t be afraid to be who you are with the environment you live in. Don’t get caught in the magazines and the trends – they will come and go – make your choices based on creating the kind of life you want for yourself. And if that means a totally white house accented with nothing but neutrals, that’s OK too!

Happy decorating – I’m always here to help!

Powder Blue Cabinet     Electric Green Lamp    Pink Walls & Gray Ceiling

               IMG_2837  Red Kitchen Stools

Neon Orange Chairs     Blue Ceiling      

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