Interior Painting

For nearly 40 years, we have strived to be the best at what we do. It is for this reason that Ragsdale has earned an outstanding reputation for delivering excellent work. Our philosophy is focused on building relationships, not landing paint jobs.

We tell our customers that our work is 90% preparation and only 10% application. All too often today, much of the 90% is missed either intentionally or due to a lack of basic procedural competency. Our skilled and trained craftsmen know their job and do not cut corners when customers are not looking. Our customers get 100% of what they are paying for. When things are done right, they last!

We value the trust our clients extend when placing their property in our care, so we invest much effort in selecting the members of our team. A common practice in today’s world is to misclassify employees as sub-contractors in order to circumvent the costs that legitimate businesses like ours incur and pay. We believe in following the laws that govern what we do, and it is for these reasons that all Ragsdale craftsmen are full-time, W2 employees. They are fully insured, all of their unemployment taxes are withheld and paid, and they are trained to follow and adhere to our comprehensive safety program. We constantly receive accolades from customers about the high quality and pleasant nature of our employees. Our clients feel safe and secure with our employees working in their home.

As a long established local, family-owned and operated business, Ragsdale offers an unmatched level of personal, high quality service, tailored to your needs. Our reputation is your assurance that you will not be disappointed!

Here is a brief list of our interior services:

Fine Painting

Trim Restoration

Decorative Custom Painted Finishes

Faux Finishes


High Gloss Finishes

Venetian Plaster

Wood Staining and Finishing

Wood Graining


Drywall and Plaster Work

Water Damage Restoration

Wallpaper Removal & Hanging

Finish Carpentry