Looking for a Little Inspiration?

Looking for a Little Inspiration?

Being in the decorating business, I am constantly coming across interesting paint ideas from both clients and trade partners alike. In the “old” days we perused magazines, waiting on edge for the latest issue to arrive in the mailbox so we could see who was doing what! In today’s technological era, the internet has become a major source for design inspiration and sharing. I didn’t really “get it” in the beginning – I explored Pinterest a bit, sort of browsed through Houzz, but it wasn’t until I really sat down and spent a few hours with both that I began to recognize their real value.

These sites provide the opportunity to share and discuss your work with colleagues across the world and to gain targeted exposure to your market. Further, the ability to exchange ideas back and forth with clients, like a sort of online design board, one that also allows you to click through to specific product information right then and there, is transforming collaboration within the design process.

If you haven’t visited these sites yet, find a little time. It will be well spent. Be sure to visit the Ragsdale, Inc. profile on Houzz and check out my Interesting Paint Ideas board on Pinterest.

Follow me on both for continued inspiration!

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