Wondering About Wallpaper?

Wondering About Wallpaper?

The world of interior design and decoration has recently seen an incredible resurgence of wallpaper.  With beautiful and innovative new paper designs, now more than ever is the time for you to consider paper installation for your next remodeling project.

Wallpaper comes in three major types – paper, natural and vinyl. Papers can be delicate, so they are best suited for low-traffic areas such as powder rooms or sitting rooms. Traditional paper does, however, offer the widest variety of patterns and colors, so if you’re looking to make a statement you’ll probably want to go this route.

Natural wall coverings, such as linen and grasscloth, can be equally fragile. This type of wall covering works best in rooms of minimal physical activity, such as studies and dens. A nice alternative to natural wall covering is a custom painted wall finish. This option will allow you to manipulate the thickness/thinness of patterning as well as adjust the hue of paint to obtain the precise color you are looking to achieve.

Vinyl wall covering is the best solution for high-traffic and active spaces, such as kitchens, mudrooms and children’s playrooms. Vinyl products can often be scrubbed and maintain better moisture resistance than other types of wall covering. If you want a custom painted wall finish in a high-traffic/active space, you may want to consider vinyl wall covering as an alternative. These types of finishes can be extremely difficult to touch up if damaged. A vinyl product can produce the same aesthetic feel as a custom painted finish and yet provide the durability that a custom finish cannot.

If you like the appearance of upholstered walls but are looking for an easier route, there may be a solution for you! Often times, fabric and wallpaper manufacturers will put a paper backing on your favorite fabric so it can be applied to your walls.

Wallpaper comes in standard, double and triple rolls, as well as in multiple widths. Double and triple rolls provide longer continuous lengths for cutting strips, allowing minimization of waste, particularly if you are covering a large space which requires many strips. European and Metric double rolls are generally 20.5” wide, containing 56 square feet of paper, while American double rolls are 27” wide, containing 70 square feet of paper. Wallpaper borders vary in width but typically come in 5 yard rolls (standard length of a wallpaper roll). Paper prices range from $30 to well over $200 for a standard roll.

As with all aspects of painting and decorating, proper and thorough preparation is 80-90% of the job. Surfaces must be patched and sanded to achieve a smooth, matte surface prior to sizing and paper application. Paper adheres to surfaces with paste; some papers require the paste to be applied directly to the wall while others require it be applied to the paper. Be sure to review the specifications that come with your product – wallpaper mistakes can be costly!

If you expect a pristine finished product, you should always hire a professional and experienced paperhanger. Paperhanging is an art that few are truly accomplished in, so be sure to check references when you hire someone for the job.

Ragsdale, Inc. has been expertly removing and installing wall coverings since 1977. Our craftsmen are meticulous in their surface preparation, vigilant and precise in their methods of application. Steve and Grace are happy to consult on paper selection and/or pair you with one of our talented design partners who can help coordinate your project.

To purchase wallpaper locally, please visit one of our local trade partners:

Thybony Paints & Wallcovering – 847.735.9020

Whether you need paper removed or installed, a custom painted wall finish to match a damaged or discontinued paper, or to locate a paper that will match an existing painted wall finish, remember that the experts at Ragsdale, Inc. are here to help!

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